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We love entrepreneurship as much as you do. Because we know the freedom, the light of hope that comes with it & also you will get up to 5% commission on product sale and ₦500 for each vendor who signs up with your unique referral link.

Our affiliates include entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, business coaches, SME experts, and content creators.

Are you an Influencer or have PR skills? Love advertising? Have communities that trust you? Decide to become our partner, join us and help small businesses with our solutions. All while doing the things you love

Use your voice to inspire small businesses in Nigeria. Introduce vendors to our marketplace, and connect them with solutions that help them start, sell, market, and manage their businesses.

You will not face any issue while getting involved with our cause. Just fill up the form. Then we will evaluate the credentials and notify you in the earliest possible time. Its free to join with no monthly charges or target.

How it works?

Becoming an affiliate and earning money is simple


It’s 100% free to join. Click Join Now! to start earning! 


Share your affiliate link or choose products to promote directly.


Earn when vendor signs up or product purchased through your link.

Scale Up

Use our analytics stats to analyze and optimize your performance.

Affiliate Benefits


Access To Exclusive Content


Earn Passive Income


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Add Your Heading Text Here

Become an Affiliate

Earn up to 5% affiliate commission per qualifying sales


Our Affiliate partners wear many hats: website owners, bloggers, business coaches, web developers, marketers and more. If people trust your business or technical expertise, we trust you to represent us.

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out our Application.

We want this to be a “win-win” partnership, so our team will read your application carefully to make sure that we can support one another’s goals. Upon approval, you’ll receive access to your affiliate dashboard, unique referral link, and much more.

At SMEMarketplaceNG, we view our affiliates as true partners, which means we understand the integral role they play in our success. We respect that role by doing everything we can, from offering extremely competitive commission rates to providing ongoing support and education, to help make our affiliates successful in turn. Let’s grow together!

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